Brick, stone, roofing, landscaping and fireplaces
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Brick & Stone

There is more to Tri-County Brick than just Brick...there is more to brick than just looks!

Nothing can match the classic beauty of a brick home but there are many other benefits to owning a home clad in stone or brick.

Classic Beauty
The most stately homes are built with brick or stone. Nothing else can match its classic style and elegance. A masonry home leaves a great first impression that lasts a lifetime.

Brick is one of the world's oldest building materials. Brick homes built a hundred years ago are still standing. Brick & stone are not damaged by insects, pests, hail, bikes, balls and many other things that life throws it's way.

Lasting Value
A brick home tends to sell faster than a home built with siding. In real estate advertising, if a home is built with brick the ad usually mentions it, Brick offers a selling advantage. Although the original purchase and installation of brick or stone on your home is more than alternative claddings on average the overall market value of your home will be enhanced by 6%.

Energy Efficiency
Brick has exceptional "thermal mass". It absorbs heat and slows down heat transfer. In summer, brick slowly absorbs heat from the sun and keeps your home cooler during the hottest part of the day thus lowering your air conditioning bills. In winter, brick holds the heat from your home longer thus  keeping you warmer as well as helping to lower your heating costs.

Low Maintenance
Brick never needs to be painted, never rots, fades, warps, burns, dents, tears or becomes brittle. It's one of the most enduring building materials known. With very little maintenence your brick home will keep looking beautiful for years to come.

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