A house constructed of brick and stone will last more than a single lifetime!
The most stately homes are built with brick or stone. Nothing else can match its classic style and elegance. A masonry home leaves a great first impression that lasts a lifetime.

Brick and stone are two of the world's oldest building materials. Homes built one hundred years ago out of brick or stone are still standing. Brick & stone are not damaged by insects, pests, hail or many other problems associated with some other building materials.

A brick or stone home tends to sell faster than a home covered with siding. In real estate advertising, if a home is built with brick or stone the ad usually mentions it and in turn attracts buyers. Your home is almost always worth more if it is constructed with brick or stone.

Brick and stone have exceptional "thermal mass", meaning they absorb heat and slow down heat transfer. In summer, brick slowly absorbs heat from the sun and keeps your home cooler during the hottest part of the day, thus lowering your air conditioning bills. In winter, brick holds the heat from your home longer and helps to lower your heating costs.

Brick and stone never need to be painted, never rots or fades, doesn't warp, burn or dent, doesn't tear or become brittle. They are two of the most enduring building materials - period. With very little maintenance your brick or stone home will keep looking beautiful for years to come.

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